The Studio.

We project thinking about people


We are credited with MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

Our projects are based on the lifestyle and expectations of our clients, allowing us to create custom-made environments that reflect the personality of their owners.

We project thinking about people, we look for an architecture that is not only seen, but also enjoyed.

Des de l’any 2000, en que es va fundar el despatx, hem gestionat més de 600 projectes relacionats amb el món de l’arquitectura.

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Since 2000, when the firm was founded, we have managed more than 600 projects related to the world of architecture.

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The scope of action in which we have carried out our work includes residential, commercial and equipment projects, both small and large-scale, whether in the form of new construction or reforms and renovations.

At the same time, we have carried out urban planning projects of different sizes and advice both external and internal to different public administrations.


Disponemos de un amplio conocimiento del territorio

The teamwork of architects, surveyors and engineers allows us to offer global solutions to specific problems.

The Work

We have managed more than 600 projects

A good and wide workspace allows us to develop all kinds of projects, from the smallest to the largest.